Chill to Host Boy Band's Video Release Today at 4pm PT

Hundreds of teeny-boppers are storming into a special Chill room to watch American boy band Mindless Behavior's premiere of their newest music video in real-time with other fans.
"They're choosing to do so because the Chill platform is the cutting edge of immersive social experiences around content," Chill Director of Product and Growth Andrew Skotzko tells LAUNCH via email. " [It is] a great example of how collaborative & realtime technology is turning solo viewing experiences into connective social events around content."

Chill recently partnered with Lady Gaga's management company, Atom Factory, to create a social experience around Mindless Behavior's newest video. The group will be able to watch with their fans in real-time. Andrew says that they cannot disclose the details of the business terms. 
Snoop Dogg, who hosts Puff Puff Pass Tuesdays on Chill to connect with fans, apparently inspired Mindless Behavior to use Chill, Andrew says.
Mindless Behavior, which formed in 2008, currently has more than 1M fans on Facebook. In the past, the group has toured with the Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber.

"It's huge because this is a great group that is rising fast," Andrew says. "They're super talented, have great fans, and great support structure around them with the team at Atom Factory and from the label team at Interscope. We've had a lot of inbound requests from bands and other creators to turn their content drops into true social experiences for the fans to go deep with. We plan on doing more, for sure."


Twitter: @ChillLive

Andrew Skotzko, Director of Product and Growth
Twitter: @askotzko