Chill Launches Live Event Rooms with Streams from Ustream, and YouTube Live

After experimenting with live streaming the TC Disrupt event last week, Chill has tweaked the interface (for the better) and officially launched its live viewing rooms. The rooms promoted today included a Bon Jovi concert, a "South Park" marathon, and "This Week in Venture Capital" (produced by a company LAUNCH founder Jason Calacanis co-founded).

The streams come from the same companies you'd think Chill is competing with -- Ustream, and YouTube Live. We have asked the Chill team about the business model for live streaming and their relationship with these companies.

Among the site improvements we noticed: a larger chat window and no more DJ icon (just a "hosted by" credit above the chat).

Since the Bon Jovi concert was also on Ustream, we checked out the experience there [ see below ]. We definitely preferred Chill's more intimate experience even though we got the same annoying Ustream ads.