Chill Kills Facebook Autoposting after Zuckerberg Complains

video-sharing startup Chill has removed the option of posting your registration to Facebook in response to comments Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made during what was supposed to be a private discussion with Path founder and CEO Dave Morin.

“I’ve already messaged Mark and let him know about the changes. He was actually really cool about the whole issue, which I appreciate," Chill co-founder Brian Norgard wrote on the company blog today.

The conversation started after this message appeared on Morin's Facebook page: “I just got into Chill and it’s awesome. Come chill and watch some videos with me."

“Did you post this message or did the app post it?” Zuckerberg asked.

“They auto-post something saying their app is awesome coming from you? That’s lame.” Zuckerberg followed up.

Norgard noted that Chill took its cue from what other sites using the Facebook plaform had done.  “While somewhat aggressive, it was opt-out and clearly labeled,” he wrote.

When users signed up for Chill, while registering a username, email and password, a box directly below, a pre-checked box allowed users to “Post to my wall I got into Chill.”

Update: Dave Morin has since deleted the post.