Check @KloutStatus if Your Klout Score Suddenly Changes

Many Klout users experienced a score drop on Sunday because of a processing glitch with LinkedIn data. In response to that event, which lasted about eight hours, Klout has set up @KloutStatus to keep members informed of similar issues in the future. 

Klout says that about 0.001% of its scored population saw a drop. But as the company leverages the importance of the Klout score it gives those who take serious stock in the measuring system reason to be wary.

The first KloutStatus account tweet was March 10: "Everything is working now." The messages prior to Sept. 26  -- six total, mainly in March and April -- address API issues.

LAUNCH has contacted Klout about the KloutStatus account.

Some Twitter users have asked questions directly of the KloutStatus account since Sept. 26, but but @KloutStatus has not responded to them [ the account's Klout score, in case you're wondering, is 25 ].

UPDATE: "@KloutStatus is an account for alerts only," a Klout spokesperson told LAUNCH. "Anyone with specific questions can reach us at"

More transparency appears to be on the way. "We are working on a project that will give you more insight into why your Score goes up and down as we know that is very important to our users," writes Megan Berry, Klout marketing manager, on the company's blog post about the LinkedIn issue.

Klout recently integrated its API with Google+, but a Klout spokesperson told LAUNCH that while Klout can connect to your Google+ account, it has not yet added that influence into the Klout score [ see our story ].


Megan Berry
Twitter: @MeganBerry