Can't Tweet News Stories Found through Twitter's New App--Huh?

Twitter's newly redesigned iPhone app makes it delightfully easy to find hot news stories with its "discover" section. In fact, you can read the news story within the app -- no jumping to a browser page -- which we love.

We were puzzled, though, why we couldn't tweet the story we're reading in the app from the app itself by simply going to the tweet button embedded in the news article page.

The three sites we tested -- ESPN, Business Insider and the Huffington Post -- all asked us to sign in to Twitter first [ see our screen shots below ]. None of the sign-in pages even attempted to auto-fill in our Twitter handle. And that tweet button in the top-right corner? It's only good for sending a regular tweet, not one prepopulated with the article headline and link.

Surely tweeting a story from the app without signing in must be technically possible, even if it's a complicated chunk of code to write.

We've pinged Twitter's @support and @feedback accounts with our question and will update if we receive a response.


Every news story has its own tweet button, including this article from Mashable about the Virginia Tech shooting, which we found in the Twitter app.

Since we live in LA, we wanted to share this local sports story we found in the Twitter app's "discover" section.

So ESPN asked us which app we wanted to use....

And when we chose the regular ol' Twitter client, we got this sign-in page.

The Twitter app surfaced this funny story from Business Insider, so we read it.

But when we wanted to tweet it, Business Insider asked us to sign in.

The Huffington Post's Virginia Tech story was the first one the Twitter app showed us.

And yes, another sign-in request. Sigh.