Can't Find a Developer? Coder Buddy

WHAT: Create and publish static websites or Python applications to the Google App engine. Coder Buddy [ @coderbuddydoes not require any software installation and publishes to the web within minutes. 

LAUNCHERS: Adrian Scott, CEO [ @adrianscottcom ]. Jeremy Elliott, VP of Engineering.

INSPIRATION: "I kept hearing from friends who had trouble hiring developers or had unhappy experiences with outsourcing firms," Adrian tells LAUNCH. "I received lots of emails from friends saying, 'Do you know any good developers?' At the same time I was also playing around with a lot of cloud computing technologies."

BUSINESS MODEL: Will eventually launch an app marketplace and take percentage of all sales.

COMPETITION: Heroku, Mosso.

INVESTORS: 500 Startups, Derek Sivers, Dave Jeske, Barney Pell , Joe Gatto , Dan Gould.