Can Facebook Get You a Job? (Infographic)

Many people associate modern day job searches with LinkedIn more than Facebook, but according to a recent study by Jobvite, 18.4M Americans say Facebook helped get them a job, while only 10.2M Americans say LinkedIn got them their job. 

As an infographic from MBA Online shows, the number of people who found jobs because of Facebook is more than the populations of New York City and Los Angeles combined. The number of people who reported getting jobs because of LinkedIn, on the other hand, comes out to a little more than the state of Michigan. 

"The days of printing out a stack of résumés and handing them out at job fairs are definitely over," the infographic states. "Social media is the new 24/7 job fair, providing amazing ways to constantly stay on the radar of prospective employers, but many people still don't know how to utilize it."

MBA Online also offers some tips to optimize your chances of getting a job: post your qualifications in Notes to Facebook since they stay in friends' feeds longer than status updates, follow companies and job feeds on Twitter and use a profile picture that you use on multiple sites on LinkedIn. 

"Our new national survey shows that socially savvy job seekers have an advantage over their fellow job hunters and it's paying off," Jobvite President and CEO Dan Finnigan said in a press release earlier this month. "While referrals are still the top source of new jobs, online social networks play an increasingly important role in job hunting today. The job referrals happening on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter benefit employers, job seekers and the economy overall."

In October, RecruiterConnect by BranchOut launched as the first enterprise software product available on Facebook. That same month, social recruiting platform Jobvite launched the "Work With Us" application on Facebook, which creates a jobs tab on any Facebook business fan page. 

Companies using Jobvite see 43% of employee social referral hires from Facebook, according to the Jobvite Index and 77% of job-seekers use Facebook, according to Jobvite statistics. 

San Francisco-based Jobvite was founded in 2003 as ForumJobs and changed its name in 2006. 

Earlier today, Facebook agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived users by telling them they could keep their information private and then allowing it to be shared and made public. Follow the discussion here on Techmeme.


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Created by: MBA Online