Bump Refreshes Android App -- Proves Droid Apps Can be Pretty, Designers Just Lazy

Bump, the app that lets you share your contacts and other data with your friends by tapping your devices together has released an update to it's Android app the company is calling the "visual refresh."

"In the last 10 months we’ve learned a lot about the ins and outs and how to build a great app on Android," Indy Khare, Bump Android and iOS developer, writes on the company blog. "One of the things we learned quickly was people rightfully bagged on Android apps not looking as good as their iOS counterparts."

But, Indy says that there are a number of misconceptions about why the apps have less visual flare when compared to their iOS counterparts and the main reason is laziness.

"The real reason Android Apps historically haven’t looked good is because people haven’t put in the same care in building those apps," Indy writes on the Bump tech blog

"It’s a common misunderstanding that Android apps are harder to program than iOS," Indy continues on the company blog. "People say it’s because the lifecycle behind Activities (Android’s rough equivalents of iOS UIViewControllers) are hard to work with."

UPDATE: Sadie Bascom, Bump evangelist, told LAUNCH via email that the Bump blog post was not intended to call out any one person or developers as being lazy, "We simply wanted to discuss the perspective of designing/developing on the newer Android platform versus the more established iOS platform." 

Bump is available for free in both the Android Market and iTunes App Store. The company recently broke 50M downloads worldwide and had more than 10M active users in the past 30 days as of Sept. 16.

David Lieb, Andy Huibers and Jake Mintz founded the Mountain View backed company in 2008. Bump is backed by Sequoia Capital, Sherpalo Ventures, Ron Conway, Y Combinator and other angel investors.


Celebrating its 50M users worldwide Bump released this infographic of information about the company.


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