BREAKING: YouTube Ads Now Incorporate Bikini Technology That Generates 25X More Clicks

It has long been known that cleavage and bikinis receive a 25x click-through rate on YouTube. Advertisers have finally realized this and put together a super-clever advertisement that you probably saw on YouTube today.

Called "HOT girl, TINY bikini!" or "Girl in tiny bikini," the video was prominently placed in the featured videos section.

The video opens showing the back of a girl who's sitting on the beach in a pink bikini. She looks around, and just before she stands up to reveal this "TINY bikini," something shatters the YouTube site -- an ad for a new horror movie, "The Thing," which opens Oct. 14.

Once the bikini video begins you can't stop it, and you are forced to watch the movie preview in its entirety unless you close the window or tab.

Rotten Tomatoes hasn't rated "The Thing" yet, but 83% of 9,442 users would like to see the film.

The video opens innocently enough.

But just before you get to see the tiny bikini, "The Thing" breaks through the screen.

Then you're subjected to a preview of "The Thing."  Close your browser window or tab if you don't want to see it.