Brands Winning: GoSpotCheck Reinvents Secret Shopper with Crowd-sourced Missions


: Brands get real-time insights into their in-store merchandising when GoSpotCheck's crowd-sourced workforce go on brand-directed “missions” like taking pictures of a product’s shelf positioning.

LAUNCHERS: Matt Talbot, CEO [ @MattTalbot, LinkedIn  ]. Samantha Holloway, head of customer insights [ @SamBHolloway, LinkedIn ]. Joey Alfano, head of mission control [ @JoeyAlfano, LinkedIn ]. Bart Ciak, head of technology [ @BartCiak, LinkedIn ].

INSPIRATION: Says Samantha, "As a team, we were interested in the mobile space, specifically how we could better connect retailers and brands to their consumers. After researching the area, and speaking with brands and retailers alike, we found that brands currently lack the real-time insight into their products that they need, and we honed in on GoSpotCheck as a real solution to a pain point we heard repeatedly."

BUSINESS MODEL: Charge brands for our service. Consumers who gather the data get paid a percentage in cash.

CUSTOMERS: Piloting with local brands like Evol Foods, Justins Nut Butter, and UrgentRx

INVESTORS: Tech Stars is only publicly announced investor.