Boom: Domo Team Overhauling App, Will Release in November

[ Domo presentation at LAUNCH conference. ] 

The most memorable pitch at the LAUNCH conference in February came from Tokyo-based Tonchidot, which showed off its Domo app for connecting people based on their location and interests. Founder Takahito Iguchi declared, "Domo, BOOM!"

But Google removed the domo app from the Android Market on March 26 -- less than three weeks after the app launched -- due to a trademark complaint regarding the application in the U.S., and the Apple App Store eventually followed suit. 

LAUNCH has learned that Tonchidot is overhauling the app with revised concepts and features, and plans to release it with a new name in November. 

Tonchidot was founded in 2008 as a gaming and social augmented reality service for mobile devices.