Bob Dylan Covers + the Greatest Chrome Extension Ever Built = Heaven

By Jason McCabe Calacanis

Sometimes two great discoveries in short period of time connect the dots and make something amazing.

Last night I stumbled upon, a blog that curates covers. So for two hours last night, I listened to amazing Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Niel Young covers. I mentioned to a friend who loves music and he said "that site was made for" the
EX.FM Chrome Extension.

OMG. My life is complete for another 72 hours because I found a new favorite blog and the best chrome extension ever created and not yet shut down by the music industry.

Do these five steps right now:

1. Sign up for http://www.EX.FM.
2. Install their Chrome browser plugin.
3. Go to this Cover Lay Down URL.
4. See this amazing screen shot.

5. Tweet your findings like a Melon Farmer. 

What have you discovered that's life, or 72-hour life-changing? Discuss below in the comments.