Better than Google Alerts: Promoter Monitors Press Mentions for Game Developers

Game developer Andreas Zecher was tired of searching Google and Twitter to find out which sites had written about his games, so he created the Promoter app to track reviews and mentions of his products on gaming websites.

"I wasn't happy with just having a spreadsheet and putting all the data in," Andreas tells LAUNCH via email. "I wanted to have something that is more integrated and streamlined. So over the course of almost two years this side-project evolved into Promoter."

Promoter automatically detects and saves links of press mentions from more than 570+ gaming blogs. Each time Promoter finds a new mention, it sends an email notification though users can turn email notifications off. It also includes a calendar function where users can receive reminders for a curated list of festivals and other deadlines.

The web-based app also keeps track of promocodes that have been sent out to various journalists so developers can follow its progress to reviews on gaming websites and keep track of which codes have been used.  

Andreas says he built Promoter for small teams of game developers because it's a market he knows well.

"It's easy to see that you could extend the idea to non-gaming apps or the music business," Andreas says. "But to make that work it would almost make more sense to make a spin-off product, instead of trying to put everything in one app."

For game developers it's more precise than Google Alerts because Promoter crawls a selection of sites so there is less noise in the search results. Promoter also archives your data so you can analyze and view it in different ways.

"With the rise and success of independent game developers during the last years, I believe that the market is large enough to have a sustainable product like this," Andreas says.

Developers can try out Promoter for one game to manage 25 reviews and 50 promocodes, but the full version costs 99 euros per year or just over $133.


On the calendar users can see a list of upcoming game festival submission deadlines, but to opt-in to email reminders a week earlier, users just need to check the box on the lower left corner of the calendar.

Users can compile some of the best quotes from their reviews into a promotional page.


Twitter: @Promoterapp 

Andreas Zecher
Email: Andreas at madebypixelate dot com
Twitter: @andreaszecher