Barack Obama Spamming the Hell out of Twitter

With the deadline for raising the nation's debt ceiling closing in, President Barack Obama has flooded his @BarackObama stream this morning with tweets directed at voters in every state (in alphabetical order) to ask their Republican reps in Congress "support a bipartisan compromise to deficit reduction." Tweets include the handles for members in that state.

UPDATE: As of 2:30pm Pacific Time, @BarackObama had sent 109 tweets about the debt ceiling stand-off.

Dave Morin of tweeted that he loves this approach: "The future of political media is social. It just took a couple of years :)"

Others have already called the flood "tweetspam" or unsubscribed from the president's feed because it's flooding their stream. Writes @trifunster, "Had to unfollow @barackobama for the time being as all the tweeting is filling up my stream. Hope it works though."

@BarackObama has over 9M followers.

LAUNCH has asked @whitehouse and @BarackObama to comment on the flood. We will update this article with any response.