Awesome iPhone/Android App for Occupy Wall Street Activists

GO -- an event-based video-sharing app that's perfect for activists trying to create buzz or flash mobs around protests and other events as they happen -- is about to launch its beta mobile app for iPhone and Android.

GO provides a geo-tagged broadcasting service so that outsiders can peek in on events as they happen and as GO users upload them. That makes it an interesting tool for #OccupyWallStreet protests still taking place in New York City and organized events in other cities. The GO app is not yet available in the App Store or Android Market.

Users upstreaming video content will remain anonymous, making GO even more attractive for sharing political demonstrations or possibly even criminal activities.

Without actually using the app, the images on the website show a map of an area with a series of pink dots appearing to indicate events or uploads taking place. Items with higher traffic seem to have a larger transparent black circle around the pink dot.

You can also find items based on their recentness or popularity.

The domain is registered to 1388 Obispo Ave., Long Beach, CA 90804,  but it does not list a contact person.

The app appears that it may have been created by Hollr@. Its Facebook page says Hollr@ was founded in 2010 with the mission "To find truth behind marketing in all things tech."

The domain is registered to Burton Rast, a longtime web designer in Chicago. We contacted Burton to ask about his involvement in GO but have not yet received a response.

The hollr@ Facebook page includes other cryptic messages, such as "You've got your version, we've got the truth" and "We defend the uninformed from buying and supporting the wrong technologies."

Here is an example on GO's homepage of someone potentially breaking the law by base jumping.