Awesome: Ifttt is Yahoo Pipes for Web Apps

Ifttt (If This, Then That), a San Francisco-based company that launched to the public Sept. 7, lets users create interactions between web services that can do tasks like send you a text message when stock prices drop.  

Registered users create tasks, known as 'recipes' on ifttt, using the "if this then that" programming structure. The "this" part of a task triggers an action -- the "that" -- on one of 35 channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and Evernote. Tasks search for new trigger data every 15 minutes. 

"We plan on building out new Channels/Triggers/Actions as fast as we can," ifttt co-founder Linden Tibbets tells LAUNCH via email. "We also would like to build out some cool ways to explore Recipes and bubble up interesting or novel uses." 

Here are five of the most popular recipes:

*If you are tagged in a Facebook photo then save photo file to Dropbox - 1618 uses.
*If current weather conditions change -- users set to rain, snow, cloudy or clear -- then receive a text message notification to your phone - 1153 uses.  
*If you get a new Twitter follower then greet them back with a tweet - 717 uses.
*If you take a photo using Instagram then automatically save file to Dropbox - 665 uses.
*If you star an item on Google Reader then save to Instapaper to read later - 615 uses.

To create your own task, navigate to "Tasks" in the toolbar and click "Create a new task."

First, users pick a channel and grant access to iffft.

LAUNCH editors selected Gmail for the channel. Next, users choose a trigger.

After selecting a trigger, enter the appropriate information into the text box and click "Create Trigger."

Next, click "that" to be directed to select and active an action channel.

LAUNCH editors selected SMS for the action channel. Since it is our first time using SMS as a channel, we clicked "Activate" to have ifttt send a pin via SMS.

After activating the channel, choose an action.

In this particular example, users set what elements the message will include. Click "Create Action."

Click "Create" to activate task.

Ifttt was founded in 2010 by Linden Tibbets, former communications designer at IDEO where he worked on internal social sharing projects, and Jesse Tane in November 2010. 

Let us know in the comments what your favorite ifttt recipe is.



Linden Tibbets, co-founder. 
Twitter: @ltibbets