Awesome Feature: Google Plus Lets You Lock Your Photo Albums

Google Plus has added new photo privacy options that allow you to lock your albums so that even photos you share with only a few people or circles can't be shared again or made public.

"We're always trying to make Google+ a safer and more comfortable place to share your photo memories," wrote Matt Steiner, lead engineer for Google+ Photos.

Lock your photos by going to the "photos" section of your Google+ account. Under "your albums" you can see who has access to the photos under the album's title. You can modify who or which circle can see these photos and/or lock up photos you don't want others to see. 

When you lock photos, viewers won't be able to +mention new people, a viewer who adds a tag won't make the album viewable to others, and any posts about the album will also be locked.

One loophole we found: if you lock an album and then tag someone in a photo from that album who wasn't given access, the person will be notified of the tag, see the image and have the ability to approve or remove it.

To lock an album once it has been posted in your stream, use the drop-down menu on the top right of the post.

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