Attention Developers: Tag and Prioritize Bugs in under 10 Seconds with BugHerd

: An embeddable visual bug and issue tracker for websites. BugHerd [ @bugherd ] allows developers to tag, describe, assign and prioritize issues in under 10 seconds.

LAUNCHERS: Alan Downie [ LinkedIn ]. Matt Milosavljevic [ LinkedIn ]. Vincent Brendel, Developer [ LinkedIn ].

INSPIRATION: "Alan and I have worked together as web developers for years and we found that we were spending more and more time emailing clients trying to figure out what changes they were asking for and this wasn't billable work so we were losing money constantly due to inefficient communication," Matt told LAUNCH via email. "BugHerd was a result of a desire to solve our own personal frustrations with issue management and client communication in general."

BUSINESS MODEL: Monthly subscriptions. Prices range from $9/month for the starter version to $99/month for the premium version. All accounts include a 14-day free trial.

CUSTOMERS: 1500+ registered users.

COMPETITION: FogBugz, TechExcel

INVESTORS: 500 Startups, Startmate, Niki Scevak, Alan Jones, Hesky Kutscher and Maneesh Arora.



Developers see a list of bugs, sorted by level of importance, in their BugHerd inbox.

BugHerd provides developers with a visual log of bugs and project issues.