And the best place to steal the Mayweather vs. Ortiz PPV stream is?


In under 30 seconds we were able to find links to tonights big fight. 

Where couldn't we find it? On Justin.TV, which has traditionally been the best place to find stolen streams of pay-per-view content. Perhaps the feds seizing famed streaming site earlier this year had an impact on Justin's policing efforts.

We did, however, find a lot of streams on Justin.TV claiming to have the big fight, but they were all fakes with lots of premium pre-roll advertising from brands like DHL and the movie Hanna (which was awesome btw). 

UStream has been very vigilant about stolen content. In a year or so of monitoring stolen streams we've never been able to find them on UStream. 

Of course we understand that Twitter is not hosting or endorsing the stealing of pay-per-view content. What we do find interesting is that everyone assumes that PPV content will, of course, be streaming somewhere on the internet. 


 Users are tweeting about where to watch the fight. 


Mayweather vs. Ortiz boxing match streaming online.