Airbnb for Parking Spots ParkatmyHouse Launches in U.S.

U.K. based ParkatmyHouse, an Airbnb-like marketplace for renting parking spaces in crowded areas, just launched in New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.

Considering that homeowners and business owners tend to have parking spots that go unused throughout the day, ParkatmyHouse connects property owners with drivers in an attempt to turn those unused parking spots into cash and help drivers save money.

Since launching in the U.K. six years ago, 150K+ property owners have earned $5M+ through renting parking spots, the press release states.
"We're not talking about a few bucks," Anthony Eskinazi, CEO and founder of ParkatmyHouse, said in the press release. "Property owners with decent spots can make thousands every year. If people are curious, our website has a quick and easy tool to show what their or a friend's spot might be worth. We've had huge success in the UK and we've seen how this service can really make a difference to people's lives, particularly in this economy."
Other peer-to-peer sharing marketplaces include Park Circa, a San Francisco-based startup that lets drivers list, find and check in to parking spaces via mobile apps for iPhone and Android, Airbnb for homesharing, and Getaround and RelayRides for car sharing.
"It's a great step for [ParkatmyHouse]," Park Circa co-founder Chadwick Meyer tells LAUNCH via email. "Although we are still a bootstrapped local startup here in San Francisco, we believe their success and efforts will help mature this market so that more people understand how peer-to-peer parking can benefit neighbors. Our long term goal at Park Circa is to create a network of micro-shared spaces that lets our members park hourly or daily anywhere they need a space, for the same cost as they currently pay for a dedicated space limited to one location. The exciting part of micro-shared parking is the flexibility and cost savings it can provide, thanks to increased efficiency and new communication tools."
Back in July, Airbnb users started offering parking spots for rent, though the intended use of Airbnb is for apartment and housing rentals. In October, TechCrunch reported how Airbnb is considering partnering with car-sharing services and has been approached by "a number of car sharing companies."

Considering that some users on Airbnb have already experimented with parking spot rentals, we wonder if Airbnb might also consider partnering with ParkatmyHouse or some other parking spot sharing company.

ParkatmyHouse, founded in September 2006 by Eskinazi, raised an undisclosed amount of funding from BMWi Ventures, which focuses on investing in mobility services, in August 2011.