5 New Posterous Themes to Customize Your Space

Five new Posterous themes released today -- that makes a total of 46 -- gives Posterous users more ways to customize and share their content.

Posterous Spaces, a simple group-sharing platform that can be viewed on the web and on mobile devices, was launched on Sept. 12 and created so that people could share content with anyone on the web not just the techie elite on Google+ or those using Facebook's new group sharing functions [ see our story ].

The release of these new looks created by Cory Watilo, Posterous theme designer, are clearly designed with user application in mind, but to use more than one theme you will need to create multiple spaces -- if you just want to change your theme you can select any of the Posterous themes.

LAUNCH has contacted Watilo for comment on these new themes. We will update this story if we receive a response.

The Postmark theme, our personal favorite (see above), creates a vintage postcard type look great for a travel photo album set or posts about vacations and exploration.

Southlake has a clean look that arranges your posts into a post-it-style read. This view is designed to be used by teams to keep in touch and track of what's going on.

Spring Things is a soft friendly theme that sets your post on top of a colored mat above a lined background that gives off a school-teacher vibe.

Darkroom is another ideal style for photo bloggers looking for a nice way to display an array of photos in a grid pattern that are easy to navigate and grasp.

The Sentinel look feels rather plain and is our least favorite of the new looks, but its straightforward style achieves the goal of the theme. which is to highlight your content. 


Cory Watilo

Twitter: @corywatilo 
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/corywatilo