10 International Startup Scholarships

[ The Tonchidot team demos its Domo app at LAUNCH '11. ]

The LAUNCH Festival is doing so well we want to get more folks involved from outside the USA.

Great ideas and startups can come from anywhere today, and we're particularly interested in bringing more startups from Israel, Korea, Japan, China and South America (and of course beyond!) to the LAUNCH Festival DEMO Pit in San Francisco March 7 & 8.

LAUNCH will pick up the entire cost (except your travel) to ensure we have a truly international event. Yes, we'll even pay for your booth (table, chairs, electricity, wifi and space).

You just have to get your team there.

There are only 10 slots for this scholarship, and we'll give them out by merit.  Who knows, you might even get selected by the Grand Jury to join us on stage like GreenGoose did [ and they raised $100k that way -- see video!!! ].

At LAUNCH '11, Tonchidot (Boom!) from Japan was a favorite, and companies called up from the DEMO Pit to present on stage included Pen.io from Australia (winner of Best Design - DEMO Pit), Nandimobile from Ghana (Best Business - DEMO Pit), and Tripbod from the UK.

If your company can get to San Francisco for the event and would like a table in the LAUNCH Demo Pit, please fill out your information here.