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  • @jason shares tips for finding a cofounder, when it's useful to have one, and when entrepreneurs should stay solo in new Startup Basics video from @twistartups; serial founders may do better solo, as @msuster also advises; business founders need to prove excellent fundraising, press & speaking skills to attract technical cofounder; addt'l advice from @jerrycolonna on breaking up partnership; series brought to you by @wilsonsonsini; subscribe to podcast - Link

  • @Microsoft Q3 '14 beats: $20.4B in rev ($20.39B expected); flat YOY; $.68 per share ($.63 expected); down from $.72 in Q3 '13; devices & consumer revenue grew 12% to $8.30B; commercial revenue grew 7% to $12.23B Link


  • @Amazon Q1 '14 beats: $19.74B in net sales ($19.43B rev expected); up 23% from $16.07B in Q1 '13; $.23 per share ($.23 expected); up from $.18 per share in Q1 '13 - Link


  • Vic Gundotra announces departure from @Google after 8 yrs w/ the co; it's currently unclear where he is going next or who will take over his former position at Google; Gundotra said he is, 'looking forward to the journey yet to come' - Link


  • 53 Days of YC W14 (Day #20)
    Startup: Zinc
    1-sec Pitch: Automate retail sales
    Site: http://zinc.io/

    Q&A w/ co-founder Max Kolysh:

    1. How did you come up with the idea? 
    We initially started YC with an API for buying anything online. We decided to leverage that technology to bring value to consumers directly. We basically asked a bunch of people what their biggest pains in e-commerce were. The biggest one, by far, was that people didn't want to price shop in order to find the best price -- so, we solved that for them.

    2. Where were you when you heard you got into YC? 
    Back at MIT.

    3. What was the single best thing about YC?
    The network. Other founders, the partners, and alums are all incredibly willing to help out, super quickly, whenever you need anything.

    4. If you succeed in five years, what will your startup look like? 
    We would be the biggest, easiest, and simplest online marketplace.

    5. Why (this idea) now?
    The future of shopping won't be looking for promotion codes, figuring out which rewards cards you want to use, and checking a bunch of different sites. As soon as you know what you want to buy, you should be able to have it at the best possible price and the best possible experience, immediately.

    6. What's your unfair competitive advantage in the space? 
    We aren't afraid of "being like water" and quickly adapting to people's needs and desires.Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 122722 PMpngSee all YC W14 coverage here: http://launch.co/tag/yc%20w14
    Previously covered startups incl Immunity Project, Vidpresso, Eventjoy, Ambition, Taplytics, Orankl, TrueVault, Sendwithus, Zidisha, Algolia, Move Loot, 42, One Degree, Sketch Deck, Terravion, Weave, Two Tap, CodeCombat, StackLead.

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