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  • Email marketing software @campaignmonitor raises $250M from @insightpartners; the round is the first time the co has raised funding from outside investors; has 65 emps & 100k+ paying customers; founded in '04 - Link

  • 53 Days of YC W14 (Day #17)
    Startup: Two Tap
    1-sec Pitch: Checkout for any product from any retailer on any device
    Twitter: @twotapbuy

    Q&A w/ co-founder Razvan Roman:

    1. How did you come up with the idea?
    Two Tap falls in the realm of the flying car. There's no question around the technology's utility -- a two step checkout for any product on any site -- the real difficulty is building and scaling the technology while at the same time answering everyone's needs. Consumers want convenience, app developers want better ways to monetise their inventory and merchants want to sell more on every channel while at the same time retaining brand integrity. And it has to scale well. Quite complex all in all.

    2. Where were you when you heard you got into YC?
    Radu and I were driving across the Golden Gate bridge. Clichè, we know. We received the call earlier then expected. 

    3. What was the single best thing about YC?
    The people, hands down. I'd give up a lot just to be constantly surrounded by all the people I've met through YC. Being around them keeps you humble and motivated because no matter what you're working on there's always someone to look up to in the YC network. 
    It's difficult to put in words how great it is to assume someone is exceptional before properly knowing them and to have that proven to you time and again. That's what one can expect from being part of YC.

    4. If you succeed in five years, what will your startup look like?
    The easiest way to order any product online, without entering your shipping and billing data each time. Going through a checkout process to enter your shipping and billing data should be laughable in 2014 but it certainly will in 2019.

    5. Why (this idea) now?
    Almost no one's entering their shopping data on mobile devices. This has been an increasing problem over the past few years with consumers spending time on multiple devices. Concepts like the omnichannel retail API, the universal wallet or the universal shopping cart are all becoming real through the API that sits at the core of Two Tap.

    There's a lot of support from all the stakeholders involved and the goal is always helping the consumer place orders conveniently.

    6. What's your unfair competitive advantage in the space?
    Our unique insights that stem from both Radu's background and mine which lead to a healthy approach to solving the problem of buying on any device. Listing these is like asking Coca Cola for their secret sauce :) It's always a combination of water and sugar but the key is mixing them properly.
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  • IDG Ventures' Phil Sanderson (@SanFranciscoVC) says VCs who want better access to competitive investment opportunities much have a social media footprint; improves chances of attracting LPs, connecting w/ entrepreneurs - Link

  • @GuyKawasaki joins Australian design startup @Canva as chief evangelist; Kawasaki says Canva is democratizing design w/ its online drag & drop design tool; raised $3M to date - Link

  • Court says @KimDotcom can have his New Zealand assets returned; High Court denies an order that would have granted police permission to keep Dotcom's seized assets, incl cars, cash & computers, for another yr; Crown has 14 days to appeal the decision; police seized cars worth $6M in Jan '12; Dotcom made $42M from Megaupload in '10 alone - Link

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