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  • @eBay is considering spinning off its @PayPal unit, @theinformation reports (via @Reuters); the move could happen as soon as next yr; activist investor Carl Icahn reportedly pushed for a split in Jan., but backed off in Apr.; whereas eBay CEO John Donahoe has repeatedly stated a split makes no sense to him - Link


  • @pmarca gives his thoughts on the future of startup ideas on @Twitter:

    1/A thing I believe that few believe: Almost all Silicon Valley startup ideas from qualified founders = great ideas. But some are too early.

    2/Track startups over multiple decades, what you find is that most ideas do end up working. It's much more a question of "when" not "if".
    3/This is interesting for several reasons. First, it means that criticism of the form "that will never happen" is usually misguided & wrong.
    4/Second, it means that a much bigger risk for founders is "too early", vs "wrong" or "too late". Often doesn't match feedback from others.
    5/To quote Peter Thiel, it is often better to be the last company to market (hit timing right & take down the entire market) vs the first.
    6/Third, when you have the timing right, you almost always feel like you're too late. Terrified you've missed the window = great sign.
    7/When idea X has been in the air, with repeated attempts to build X, yet most customers are not yet doing/using X, it's never too late.
    8/Fourth, founders by definition live in the future, see a world that doesn't yet exist & try to make it so. Nailing timing = hardest thing.
    9/Which is often why more pragmatic founders end up building the big & important companies -- the idealists were just too early.
    10/Fifth, therefore, most of the great ideas for the next two decades are already known. In labs, in failed startups, in big co prototypes.
    11/Those ideas are being dismissed now since the early attempts have't worked. This has the opposite predictive value vs what people think.
    12/Quoting @GreatDismal, the future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed -- or it's not yet distributed at all. But it is here.
    13/The key question is: What ideas are widely dismissed today due to having been tried & failed? Answer is the codex to the next 20 years. - Link

  • Product discovery & ranking startup @ProductHunt raises $880k seed from A-Grade Investments, @abdur, @mulligan, @svangel, @GoogleVentures & others; Product Hunt prev received $120k from @ycombinator (S14); the startup also launched an iOS app - Link


  • GPS tech co @Swiftnav raises $2.6M led by @firstround w/ participation from Fall Line Capital, @felicisventures, @kalvepuri, @lemnoslabs, @QualcommVenture, & @VegasTechFund; the co offers a centimeter-accurate GPS chip that it sells for around $500, as opposed to $10K for most highly-accurate GPS chips - Link

  • Test prep startup @Prep4GMAT raises $3M A from Tal Education Group, @atlasventure, Jaime McCourt, Yongjin Group & @ZhenFund; the co offers a self-study app for standardized tests like the SAT or GMAT; it also pinpoints areas where students need most improvement, & offers access to a tutor marketplace - Link

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